Nomar K Decal
Professional decal for glassworks and glass or porcelain decorators

The decal is screen printed from the highest quality materials in CMYK and Pantone colors.

Decal for glass and porcelain

Firing in a foundry furnace from 480 to 1050 degrees Celsius

It is the most durable technological process, thanks to which you can place any pattern on porcelain and glass surfaces. It is characterized by high abrasion resistance and excellent color reproduction.


Low-burn decal

At a temperature of 180 / 220 degrees Celsius

As patterns made with this method are not very resistant to abrasion, it is used to decorate ornaments, not utility items. However, this technology can be used even at home, for example in an oven.


Burn-free decal

It is used on unstable surfaces

The burn-free decal allows you to put patterns on various surfaces such as candles, wood, plastic, nails, Easter eggs and more.


Model-making decal

We implement custom designs on request, from a few pieces to large production batches

As one of the few in the industry, we import and print patterns on professional blue paper in order to make the white patterns clearly visible. Our offer includes decals for vehicle models: airplanes, ships, cars, etc.


Wobbler decal

Individual designs for your product

Another offer of our company in the field of decals. It is enough to send a graphic design, specify the quantity, and we will send you an offer for the execution of the order. Contact us for details.