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Privacy policy

Cookies Policy:

This document is the Cookie Files Policy of the website managed by Nomar based in Tarnów, ul. Krakowska 120 A; 33-100 (hereinafter: "NOMAR" or "Administrator" - due to the fact that NOMAR is the Administrator of user data that can be collected via this site). The website has implemented technologies that enable gathering information that helps improve the online experience of users (so-called "cookie" files). Using the services is tantamount to acceptance of information about cookies appearing when entering the site, which means that the user consents to the storage and sharing of cookies by the Administrator in the manner described in this Policy. Acceptance of information about cookies is voluntary and the user can at any time disable the ability of the Administrator to store cookies by, among other things, the method described in the section "Amnesty".

What are cookies ?

Cookies - These are text messages sent by a web server and stored on your device to your computer. Cookies allow you to read the information stored in them about your preferences, the technical information necessary for the operation of certain services and recognize you by the server.

What and how do we use cookies ?

The site uses "session" cookies.   These files are temporary, remain on the user's device, until the browser is turned off. In "cookies" files, the website saves information about the current session number.

The administrator uses the services provided by Google (Google Analytics) to collect anonymous statistics. Cookies used by Google services are subject to their own
privacy policy.


The User has the right to delete his data used by the Administrator using Google Analytics services. Google provides a dedicated add-on to block and opt-out of using your data in Google Analytics, which is available at this link.

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