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Temporary tattoos

Low price, message efficiency, fashionable style.

These features make tattoos washable a product desired by companies that want to give expression and attract attention in an original and extraordinary way.

Glitter tattoos

Fluorescent tattoos, glowing in the dark

metalic tattoos

metalic tattoos

UV tattoos - glowing under ultraviolet light

Hermetically packaged tattoo

Tattoos in any shape

Tattoo with a cardboard

Versatility of washable tattoos

Washable tattoos or temporary tattoos can be a gift for customers, a gadget that you give out directly, a "magazine", and even a separate page on the book.

They become great jewelry, showing the true nature of the person, but they can also be a rehearsal before making a permanent tattoo. Our product is a perfect complement to extravagant, sporty or even elegant stylizations, adding character and a note of predation.

Temporary tattoos for kids

Children love tattoos, because of this there are many parents among recipients who want to give them to their children.

We guarantee that the tattoos we manufacture are completely safe, dermatologically tested and you don't have to be afraid of allergic reactions. The phenomenon of washable tattoos for children also lies in the fact that if necessary they can be easily washed off ... to later glue another;)

Summer madness with tattoos

You can't hide that water tattoos are especially popular during the holidays, when children and adults spend more time outside.

Sticking tattoos is great fun during holidays and family outings, when you can afford much more freedom. In addition, tattoos are almost an essential element of every festival, as well as many events taking place not only in spring or summer.

Letnie tatuaże zmywalne

Metallic tattoos unflagging trend

This shiny variety of washable tattoos quickly became a hit, which is why older people also decide to stick them to create a kind of integral jewelry with the body.

This is a must-have item for fans of the boho style or just people who want to stand out effectively. Metallic tattoos are usually glued on the hands, arms, neck, neckline, ankles, stomach.


Tatuaże metaliczne zmywalne

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