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29.11.2023 | Offers

Washable tattoos have become a popular choice for people who want to experiment with tattoos without long-term commitments. As a producer of washable tattoos, we invite you to learn about the creative method of advertising and promotion, as well as how to stand out from others.

Who do we produce washable tattoos for?

The offered tattoos can be great fun with friends but also an unconventional marketing tool. Our products are sold to individuals, private companies and media industries. As a producer of washable tattoos, we are able to make any design in any format, from just one piece.

Private companies

One of our non-standard products for private companies and others are booklets, i.e. rolls containing packages with individual tattoos. They have many applications and are widely used in marketing, education, the food industry and many other areas, but we have already written an article on this topic and we invite you to read it here.

Media industry

We live in times when everyone wants to stand out or surprise their audience with a different image. As a producer of washable tattoos, we are able to meet these expectations and, without making a traditional tattoo, characterize any theater or cinema actress, model or musician. For the purposes of a film, photo shoot, play or music video, our products will transform everyone according to the creator’s vision.

Fashion industry

We produce a lot of washable tattoos for various types of fashion shows and events related to this field. Thanks to this action, you can add character to the show itself or make a given collection stand out, or shock the audience with an unusual “decoration” of models to highlight the presented clothes.

Sports industry

We also make removable tattoos for sponsors who support various athletes at numerous sports events, such as MMA fight galas. A tattoo placed directly on the skin is an ideal solution for both players and sponsors. Low cost and ease of application and removal ensure great effects of this form of promotion.

Gallery of our projects

Advantages of using washable tattoos

No lifetime commitment

One of the biggest advantages of washable tattoos is their short-term nature. For many people, the decision to place a permanent tattoo on their body can be difficult and full of anxiety. Washable tattoos allow you to experiment with different designs and styles without lasting consequences. Sometimes we just want to change our appearance for a short period of time, and washable tattoos are the perfect solution.

Possibility to experiment with different patterns

Washable tattoos offer a huge variety of designs, allowing you to experiment with different styles and motifs. They can be a great way to express your creativity without having to undergo the process of puncturing the skin. Some people choose to get large size removable tattoos for parties or special events, which allows them to fully accentuate their style.

Safe for health

Our company is the only one in Poland that has the PN EN 71-3 certificate for washable tattoos, dermatological tests and phthalate content. Washable tattoos are made of materials that are safe for the skin and health, which means they are perfect for people who are concerned about allergic reactions or other health problems associated with traditional tattoo inks. They are easy to apply and remove, which eliminates the risk of infections associated with the skin puncture process.

Perfect for children

Washable tattoos are also popular among children, who often want to imitate adults by decorating their bodies. Parents can easily apply washable tattoos to their child’s skin, giving them the opportunity to experiment with different designs without having to agree to a permanent tattoo.

Fashion and trends

The world of washable tattoos is evolving, with designers creating more and more complex and artistic designs. This acts as a sort of fashion trend, allowing people to keep up with the latest designs and styles without a permanent commitment.

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Washable tattoos are a fascinating and practical solution for those who want to experiment with lifelong tattoos without any strings attached. Safe, easy to apply and remove, they are a perfect way to express yourself and emphasize your style.

This is also a great approach to promoting your company or personal brand in various fields and at various events. Regardless of whether you are looking for a creative way to advertise or simply want to explore the world of tattoos, as a producer of washable tattoos – Nomar, we encourage you to learn about this form of standing out in the business world.

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