Tattoos for the Variete Theater for the Chicago show

28.12.2023 | Our work

We have been producing washable tattoos used in theater arts throughout Poland for many years. Today we present produced tattoos for the Variete theater, intended for actors appearing in the play “Chicago”.

Tattoos for the Variete Theater – Chicago

The production of washable tattoos for the Variete Theater for the show “Chicago” is a fascinating undertaking that requires, above all, precision and care. For seven years, we have been involved in creating these tattoos, which perfectly match the aesthetics of the show and emphasize the characters’ characters.

It all starts with the theater providing patterns. These ready-made designs constitute an inspiring base for creating tattoos that not only complement the costumes, but also emphasize the characters’ characters and the atmosphere of the 1920s that prevails in “Chicago”. Every detail is carefully thought out, from shape and color to precise details that give the tattoos a unique character.

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Safety and comfort

The production process itself includes the use of special washable inks and paints that are safe for the skin. We use high-quality, hypoallergenic materials to ensure the safety of actors and other team members. We carefully apply patterns on special transition sheets, which are later transferred to the actors’ skin. The tattoos are made to look realistic while allowing for easy and effective removal after each performance.

Our goal is not only to provide washable tattoos that integrate perfectly with costumes and sets, but also to provide convenient use for artists. The techniques we use allow us to achieve the effect of realistic tattoos that are easy to wash off. It is important to ensure that actors are comfortable and can freely use their tattoos without worrying about their durability after the end of the performance.

Imitation of reality

In addition to the performance technique itself, an important part of our role is cooperation with theater artists. We take care of an individual approach to each actor, adapting tattoos to their preferences and character characteristics. This makes tattoos not only an element of the set design, but also an integral part of the acting.

For us, producing washable tattoos for the show “Chicago” is not only a job, but also passion and commitment to creating an unforgettable experience for viewers. Our work allows us to transcend the boundaries of reality and introduce an element of authenticity that fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the Variete Theater.

Gallery of manufactured tattoos

Below we invite you to see the patterns of the tattoos we produce, and you can see the actors themselves with our tattoos in the gallery of the Chicago show webpage.


Making tattoos used to be the tedious work of make-up artists who created patterns on actors’ bodies by hand. Thanks to our offer, we can perform this type of orders in a safer, faster and easier way. For us, it is an incredible adventure and satisfaction from the work we have done, which has a direct impact on many people, both creators and recipients of theater art.

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